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 run ncc on this file, with : ncc farg.c
 to see how pointer-to-function function arguments are reported.

 The new thing is the new output directive 'R'
 R: A B
 Should be interpreted by nccnav that the callers of 'A' do not
 really call 'A' but 'B'. This is a "replacement" directive.

int f1(){}
int f2(){}
int f3(){}
int f4(){}

struct CALLBACK {
      int (*fp) ();
} OBJ;

int test ()
      OBJ.fp ();

int foo (int (*f)())
      f ();

int bar (int (*a)(), int (*b)())
      OBJ.fp = a;
      foo (a);
      b ();

int main ()
      bar (f1, f2);
      bar (f3, f2);
      bar (f4, 0);
      // this is not implemented
      //bar (OBJ.fp, 0);

// sample qsort

int strcmp (char*, char*);

int qsort (void *v, int n, int (*comp)(void*, void*))
      qsort (v/2, n/2, comp);
      comp (v[0], v [1]);

void do_sort ()
      char v [100];
      qsort (v, 100, strcmp);

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